About Shan Simmons

The Art of Optical Phenomena

Shan Simmons original abstract paintings are works that exploit optical phenomena, such as fluorescence, phosphorescence, refraction, dichromatism, iridescence and interference. These are vibrant works with fluorescent colors, rich textures, gorgeous depth and otherworldly complexity that provide three or more modes of light wave reaction, color, detail, depth, and juxtaposition, including those:

1. viewed under black light—optimal under 405nm UV (ultraviolet) lighting
2. viewed under black light combined with low warm spectrum or full-spectrum light
3. viewed under regular warm spectrum, full-spectrum light or sunlight
4. viewed in the dark (not present in all paintings and must be charged in the light prior to access this mode where paint stores photons and discharges them after a delay, creating a glow effect)



Extrusionism is both an art style and movement based on a process of channeling and pouring techniques that extrude paint onto the canvas using varied methods. This process creates rich textures, flowing details, gradations and finely detailed nuances. Extrusionist paintings embody a three-dimensional depth which blurs the line between art and illusion and evokes an otherworldly quality. Extrusionism lends itself to paintings that cover the entire canvas and extrusionist art is most often crafted with acrylic paint to achieve a sculpted look, where paint rises off the canvas and possesses deeply saturated color. Liquid acrylic paints are often combined with pigments and other media to produce unique textures, colors and glowing effects.

The patterns found in the work of extrusionist artists are often intricate, spiraling, multitiered, fractal-like, with alternating, precise variations in texture related to the stacks of color interwoven within the composition. To amplify this effect, light-wave reactive, metallic, glow-in-the-dark and interference paints and pigments are commonly used to enhance the style and allow for a variety of viewing options. The reflectivity, electron excitation and photon arrangement in layers of photoluminescent and fluorescent paints make for a number of effects and hues with unusual auras. This is a stylistic component that gives way to a multiplicity, and this allows more than one piece to exist within each work. The works of the artist Shan Simmons are often paintings within paintings, a number of which can be evoked with varying light temperatures and spectral variations, primarily using black light (380nm-405nm wavelengths) or ultraviolet light (UV) as an alternative viewing environment that causes the artwork to shift or transform into a seemingly different composition within the same painting. Since the artist does not paint using blacklight, he refers to the light duality in his compositions as a form of divination, where a second or third painting arrives out of some capacity or presence that is unseen but able to manifest itself within the work to produce a hidden composition.

The paintings produced by the artist Shan Simmons are perfect for dark or light-filled environments. The paintings and artwork display particularly well in dark venues where lights such as black lights or ultraviolet lighting is available or can be installed to illuminate the surface of the composition. Some of the venues that might enjoy the maximum benefit from our paintings include:

  • Night Clubs
  • Bars
  • Dance Clubs
  • Theaters
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment Venues

Any space near a window that where the painting can receive indirect light during the day and be illuminated with a custom lighting installation during the night hours is ideal. This will allow for any hidden variations in the paintings to emerge.