Custom Lighting

Custom ART Lighting Solutions

With any painting or composition, Shan Simmons offers the option of producing a custom lighting solution. Since each space has unique features and challenges, we work with you to educate you about the possibilities and then determine your goals and budget. We can provide everything from a simple black light installation to sophisticated light controllers. Our most robust projects incorporate multiple light wavelengths to fully express the depth and dualism of each painting. Typically our lighting arrangements are engineered using an Arduino-like controller or development board with the LEDs best suited for your particular piece or pieces. We can also provide this service independent of an artwork purchase. Some of the lighting fixture options include:

  • spots (ceiling mount, track or other)
  • traditional picture lights (with a range of power options)
  • built-in lighting (usually within or on the frame of framed pieces and combined with a controller board)
  • light projectors (custom light projection fixtures that illuminate only the surface of the art or painting)
  • Many lighting fixtures offer different options for powering the light: AC, DC, USB, wall plugs, solar to battery power.

The images above are of a custom fixture that was created to be portable, flexible, rechargeable, and aesthetically more appealing than DMX par cans or more overbearing formats such as picture lights and track lighting. This format can be mounted anywhere or placed near the object that is intended to be illuminated. It is also programmable over the air, via wifi and will soon have a Bluetooth interface for use on a mobile device. So, the light sequencing and other elements of the output can be controlled with pulse width modulation and other controller code conventions such as RGB smoothing or cross-fading. The LEDs are high-quality lights and the aluminum housing acts as a natural heat sink, extending the longevity of the LEDs.

Artescent provides sophisticated solutions for illuminating your art. We use the latest technologies and custom configurations that will bring out the best in your art.
If you seek an installation that will captivate or intrigue, the art of Shan Simmons is the ideal choice.